EN3 Sunprotection has been at the forefront of shading systems development in order to provide the highest standards in technology, performance, aesthetics, durability, and cost effectiveness. We are learning from the best, sourcing the best; importing the most advanced products on the international market.

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Selecting a highly efficient shading system is a complex procedure; every project poses a set of unique challenges. After a thorough analysis of the project’s requirements and on-site inspection, we provide our clients with an optimal solution, taking into consideration the building’s type of construction, its orientation, the occupant’s lifestyle and budget. 

EN3 is a full-service enterprise. We plan every step; the initial specifications and situation analysis, efficient installation logistics, systems cross-check and testing as well as support, monitoring and programming optimization.


Shading systems save money, a lot of it. A facade equipped with an effective, integrated shading system forms an extra movable layer between the interior and exterior of a building. Let’s remind ourselves: approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated from existing buildings. 

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We are very passionate about the economics aspect of our business. The fact that windows now make up to 38% of interior wall surface has dramatically tipped the building’s energy consumption scale. It is our mandate to take full advantage of the automation technology to address this issue. Now, let’s look a few years ahead. Three evolving factors will coalesce into an ultimate challenge: larger glazing surfaces than ever, increasing summer temperatures and the Net-Zero emissions legislation. In anticipation of what is ahead, we are constantly on the lookout for the most advanced technologies to ensure we can address these upcoming demands. 



EN3’s commercial building solutions offer a wide range of intelligent motors and controls that optimize the utilization of natural light in your commercial workspace. Our roller systems are calibrated to maximize occupant comfort while enhancing the visual environment, minimize solar glare and heat gain, and provide UV protection. Natural light control and automation systems are scalable in design; offered in low voltage, line voltage or wireless options; and are perfect for projects of any size or budget. Commercial specification support holds leed® professional credentials and will support all aspects of any project, from specification through commissioning to post-installation monitoring and optimization.

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Dynamic motorization

Automated window coverings are raised and lowered according to changes in outdoor weather conditions and indoor comfort needs based on input from sensors, pre-programmed settings, or local occupant controls. EN3 has partnered with Somfy, a leading global manufacturer of shading systems motors with electronic and app controls. Its animeo®IP is a total natural light management system utilizing Somfy-powered intelligent motorized window coverings as well as digital keypads and weather sensors.

Sun sensor control

Capturing natural light saves energy: approximately 40%+ of energy end usage in a typical office building is spent on lighting. Automated solar control management uses natural light to reduce the requirement for artificial lighting and ensure solar gains for passive room heating. Sun sensors offer automated natural light management based on the sun’s position in the sky and façade orientation to minimize glare and maximize the opportunity for capturing natural light. 

Solar entrance depth management

During active sun tracking periods, solar entrance depth management features will adjust and maintain the solar shade height to limit the distance that sunlight enters the space. This results in the ability to protect furnishings, maximize daylight availability and minimize glare on workspaces to improve occupant comfort.

Control versatility

Programmable wall-mounted keypads, wireless controls and virtual keypads provide occupants control over nearby window coverings. Automation control can override manual occupant commands during specific time periods (ex: east façade from 8 am - 12 pm) to keep the building running as efficiently as possible, providing just the right balance of manual and automated control.


Digital technology provides bi-directional status reporting of window covering positions. With this information, the automation system exports system status snapshots in convenient graph or table form. Quickly see how and why shades were adjusted with simple color codes for timed events, occupant actions or building overrides. Facility managers can also receive system alerts via email.

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Synchronized building scheduling protocol

Ultimate energy usage optimization results can be achieved via building automation internet protocol (IP). An integrated system which monitors occupancy scheduling and comfort factors, seasonal weather changes and generates schedules to keep buildings’ energy efficiency based on certain times of day. Creating timed events around periods of high occupancy (between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday) and low occupancy (weekends, holidays) ensures the building is running as efficiently as possible.

Automation in commercial buildings contributes to earning LEED points in the following categories:

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