The last decade witnessed a fundamental change in both residential and commercial construction in North America. So did shading technology. It has advanced at the same pace as modern design and construction. We have been at the forefront of this development and have been providing Daylighting and Energy-saving solutions to architects, designers, contractors, building developers, facility managers and homeowners for three decades: automated interior and exterior shading systems, including remote access control of shades, lights, temperature and security. We offer an extensive range of shading solutions, incorporating hi-end design and functional shading for vertical, sloping and horizontal utilizations. Our product selection offers a wide choice of superior quality fabrics and hardware, ready to meet any requirements for any application. Most importantly, we are the first Canadian consultancy that offers a fully integrated design, technology and installation service.


Offering 30 years of experience and counting, we are a Canadian supplier consultancy that offers a fully integrated approach in Shading technology systems design and installation. We cover the entire spectrum of services including on-site inspection, requirement assessment, energy consumption modeling, design, technology and materials consulting and finally logistics and installation. We are learning from the best, sourcing the best; importing the most advanced products on the international market.


Shading systems are now one of the most important interior design components. It is an opportunity to take your interiors to the next level. A shading system changes the ambiance of an entire room. Selecting the color, texture and transparency of roller shades is now a priority. It also offers an unprecedented variety of features and hi-tech hardware. A vast selection of fabrics is available in many densities, weaves and colors.


Shading systems save money, a lot of it. A facade equipped with an effective, integrated shading system forms an extra movable layer between the interior and exterior of a building, managing your energy consumption in your favor. Do you know that ~ 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated from existing buildings?


The goal of effective light-management is to reduce artificial light usage and maximize natural light exposure, improving the lifestyle, well being and productivity for the users of a building or home. 26% faster progression in reading and 20% faster progression in math had been reported in schools with good Daylighting.


In using our product you are saving our Planet and you are protecting your health. It is an accepted fact that the stability of the Earth’s natural cycles is jeopardized by our inability to take action and become environmentally responsible. Increased greenhouse gases (GHG), caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, threaten to heat the Earth to unprecedented levels. Contrary to popular belief, cars are not the worst perpetrators. Our urban landscape contributes more than 50 per cent of the total GHG emissions. Most buildings, built with excessive speed or urgency, also waste valuable fresh water. Many have such poor indoor air quality and natural lighting that workers suffer from mood disorders and lost productivity. In order to prevent our clients from exposure to toxic compounds and particles, we always recommend to install only PVC free, recyclable eco sunscreen fabrics, made from 100% PES polyester yarn; the latest evolution in green fabric production, free of pollutants, allergens and halogens. 


We provide motorized home shading and lighting control solutions across Woodbridge, Vaughan, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Newmarket, Ajax, Huntsville, Orillia, Muskoka, Haliburton areas and more.