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Our ecoTEXTM series represents a broad range of energy efficient, solution-based roller shade fabrics offering the industry’s highest rate of sun protection performance. Our top priority is the elimination of the impact of textile-generated chemical ingredients on our health and well-being. In fact, the ecoTEXTM development team holds a pioneering status in the field. READ MORE...

Its stringent testing criteria exponentially exceeds existing legislation, which is why we have terminated many substances known to be harmful, despite being legal. By pushing the limits of technology and being committed to zero tolerance for substrate toxicity, the ecoTEXTM brand is intended to become the optimal choice for commercial and residential shading projects.


• Oeko-Tex standard 100 tested
• Oeko-Tex SkinSafe
• No off-gassing
• Free of regulated substances - no PVC, Halogens, Formaldehyde, plasticizers, heavy metals or pentachlorophenol
• Free of non-regulated substances – no pesticides, allergenic dyes, tin-organic compounds, carcinogenic colorants or azo dyes
• Flame resistant to the most stringent international standards.
• Low fume emissions in case of fire
• ecoTEXTM’s BioPlus version inhibits microbial growth: produced using Trevira CS with BioActive
• Recyclable or safely incinerable while harvesting energy




EN3 Sunprotection is a Canadian consultancy offering a fully integrated approach in shading technology systems. We cover the entire spectrum of services including on-site inspection, requirement assessment, energy consumption modeling, design, technology and materials consulting and finally logistics and installation. We believe in a seamless integration of innovation and state-of-the-art technology. We are sourcing the best and collaborating with the best. Our partners, the Sunprotection Group and Somfy motors are industry leaders, setting the most advanced standards in innovation and environmental stewardship.


Sunprotection Group Inc. (SPG), a Canadian company, became the benchmark North American manufacturing enterprise for architectural shading and daylighting systems. In collaboration with its international partners, it provides the most advanced, world-class technology and expertise. In addition, the company diligently monitors the latest scientific advances in its industry in order to accelerate the transition to the next level of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

SOMFY® is the leading global manufacturer of strong, quiet motors with electronic and app controls for interior and exterior window coverings. Over 270 million users worldwide enjoy the more than 150 million motors produced by Somfy. During the past 40+ years, Somfy engineers have designed products for both the commercial and residential markets to motorize window coverings such as interior shades, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens and projection screens. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC and lighting systems providing total home or building automation.




En3 is, first and foremost, a team player. Our primary goal is to assist you; our clients, peers and collaborators to realize your vision, to offer our experience and expertise, to take your concepts to the next level. Moreover, we understand your challenges, we understand the industry’s dynamics and anticipate its future developments. We can help you to substantially reduce a building’s energy footprint by recommending an optimal mix of energy-saving solutions by using sophisticated thermal modelling, sensor-driven automation and newly developed advanced textiles. Next—we are ready to support the stringent standards of the new Passive House initiative; to achieve the most cost-effective structures ever built. Need an example? We can reduce the annual cooling energy consumption of a building by up to 47% by installing automated exterior shades. At EN3, we provide a wide range of consulting services; daylight modelling and energy modelling and we can assist you with automation and integration planning. We can give you a hand with product selection. We are sourcing the best; importing the most advanced products on the international market, offering the highest standards in technology, performance, aesthetics, durability, and cost effectiveness.


We understand that the health of a building is one of your top priorities right from its conception. We all are aware of the Sick Building Syndrome and its symptoms: irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, skin irritation and unpleasant odour sensations. Just as a reminder; on average, a human draws more than 17,000 breaths per day, and…Canadians spend close to 90% of their time indoors. Now, let’s consider this. Windows now make up to 80% of the interior wall surface; typically, a substantial portion of toxic chemicals in a building is a mix of substances affiliated with shading fabrics… and yet, there are healthy, organic and recyclable alternative available right here, in Canada! Our company has executed thousands of installations in Toronto, GTA and across Canada. To our surprise, we discovered that over 95% of installed fabrics were still PVC-based and around 50% of them contained FIBERGLASS. The main reason; the specifiers were not aware of this problem. As soon we alert our clients, they immediately opt for a healthy alternative. The price difference; >10-15% is no issue. Eco-certified textiles, such as our ecoTEX series represents a broad range of solution-based roller shade fabrics offering the industry’s highest rate of sun protection performance. Its stringent testing criteria exponentially exceeds existing legislation. By being committed to zero tolerance for substrate toxicity, the ecoTEX brand is becoming the optimal choice for commercial and residential shading projects.



EN3 is a full-service operation. We oversee the complete project cycle to ensure a complete, integrated service is achieved to client’s satisfaction. Typically, the initial stage of the project cycle starts with a dialog with the client; ensuring that all specifications are addressed, the most demanding challenges identified and the overall vision fully understood. Next, the consulting phase sets in. Additional technology and fabric recommendations are made, specific issues addressed and final calculations made. In addition to expert design consultation, EN3 is ready to deliver custom AutoCad design drawings and/or provide energy data modeling. During the entire installation process, EN3 actively maintains a continuous dialog with the client and its suppliers. The fact that we are fully engaged in each project from the very beginning has an immense impact on the quality of the final install, attention to detail, efficiency and quality control.



Our climate patterns are changing, so are the ways we build our cities. All architects agree; shading systems planning and the building blueprint should be done at the same time – as one integrated entity. What is also changing rapidly: regulations and legislations related to climate change. Notably, Net-Zero emissions. We can assure you that we are well informed about the latest technologies and innovations that are being developed to respond to these new demands. Early consultation with us is encouraged. Why don’t you delegate some of your concepts, initial elevations, challenges to us early on, we may have a solution you have not considered. At EN3, working with our partners, we offer a wide range of consulting services; daylight and energy modelling, we can assist you with automation and integration planning. Let’s team up and develop the ultimate solution. The best work we have done to date was based on mutual trust and collaboration.


Most of the time, a developer’s concern is math. Every tiny price difference counts and can make a substantial impact on the final cost of a project. Shading solutions are no exception. Moreover, consider this – with raising temperatures and carbon tax legislations, building “envelopes” – think glazing and shading cost versus structural cost ratio will change dramatically. Let’s agree on this: there is one common headache all developers share lately… everything got more expensive. Substrates, metals, supply chains, shipping, labour—the list is endless. So, let’s team up and solve all those issues in one stroke. Let’s remove complexity by choosing a unified shading solution from EN3 and our partners. That is one efficient way to combine wholesale consistency with economy of scale.


Independent designers are usually called in after a building is already in final stages of construction or is already finished, or if it is a renovation project. This presents a challenge. Designers have to negotiate a rocky road between the design of an existing structure and the aesthetic lifestyle preferences of a client, facing a plethora of typical demands and discussion points: cost, lucency, privacy, energy economics, esthetics, health, etc. Add Net-Zero emissions targets to the mix to make these challenges even more complex. Needless to say, shading technology and substrate options are evolving at a dizzying speed. It is hard to keep up. That’s where we can help. Present your objectives to us and we will respond with viable options.


Cost and unpredictable challenges: general contractors (GC’s) are, with no exception, in a very difficult position. A GC has to forge a master plan, select the most suitable and reliable subcontractors. As mentioned initially, unpredictability is the GC’s worst foe. Uncertainty leads to risk mitigation. Let’s touch on the quality of specifications. The hazier the specs, the more room for subjective interpretations. Uncertainty in combination with arm’s distance from the end user, by default, pressures GC’s, understandably, into less expensive choices…just to be safe. Thus, the initial vision may deteriorate quite rapidly. To ensure the integrity of the initial plan, an early consultation with EN3 is recommended. A trusted subcontractor is a GC’s most valuable asset. Give us a call.


We are proud of the strong business and personal relationship we have established over the years with Fanani’s leadership.

Fanani is an Italian company specializing in exterior shading structures and systems. Since 1977, its founders have been designing and manufacturing outdoor pergola structures and awnings with integrated roller systems. Fanani’s outstanding products are extremely sophisticated. Their component styling, attention to detail and innovative engineering is unprecedented. Its jazzy fabrications, achieving a perfect union of technology and performance, surpass even the most demanding architectural requirements.

Fanani’s technologically advanced outdoor shading solutions range from its exterior myShell® aluminum structures with integrated roller systems for complete protection against rain, sun, insects and wind while ensuring complete privacy, to FananiTende® which offers a broad range of independent exterior roller and awning systems that can be used in various configurations: drop awnings, folding arm awnings, basket awnings and much more. 100% Made in Italy, patented Fanani products are tested according to UNI EN 13561 Regulations.

Company Management:

Angelo Fanani – President
Virginie Fanani – Admin & Sales
Jean Gabriel Fanani – Operations


The vital collaborative personal and working relationship we share with Frandoli is unique.The Frandoli brand, dominating the market of custom drapery rods, parts and related components, is synonymous with style and elegance.

The company is vertically integrated and has extensive in-house capabilities. Frandoli’s standard product offering is an impressive spectrum of traditional and contemporary design. Sourcing from a rich history of Italian decorative and interior design legacy, its research and development team is continuously developing new styles and expanding the product offering. In addition, Frandoli offers custom designed product lines to clients who may be developing an unusual assignment or have a very specific architectural project with unique requirements.

Company Management:

Mauro Frandoli – President


The level of synergies we have established with Model System over the years is astounding. It allows us to develop unique systems and innovative custom solutions.

Founded in 1964 and based in Italy, Model System Italia S.p.A. is a leader in the production of interior and specialized exterior sun control systems. Since its inception, the company has grown substantially and has become a leader in the technical sector of the European sun control industry. Its trajectory to excellence can be also attributed to important partnerships the company has, over time, established with blue chip European enterprises and architectural firms. Model System Italia has collaborated with top tier global architectural leaders such as Zaha Hadid, Renzo Piano and many others.

The company’s strength lies in its ability to custom design project-specific, technically demanding interior and exterior products in collaboration with architects and engineers, from the initial concept stages to manufacturing to installation.

Company Management:

Leopoldo Borsato – Partner
Renato Borsato – Partner


We are collaborating with Tessitura Mario Ghioldi for years. What a partnership, what a friendship it is. We are very proud to be associated with such a legendary enterprise.

Tessitura Mario Ghioldi (TMG) is based in Lombardy, Italy. For over 60 years, TMG has been weaving fabrics for the shading and interior decor industry. Its production volume is quite impressive. Each year, the company delivers approximately 4 million square meters of high-quality fabric to its clients around the world. Its product range covers a wide spectrum of textiles up to 340cm made from synthetics to natural fibers including eco-friendly materials like flax, recycled polyester and sea-plastics.

In order to stay at the forefront of the current green evolution, a lot of TMG’s attention and investment goes into research and innovation. The company offers a wide selection of PVC free, recyclable eco sunscreen fabrics, made from 100% Trevira, PES Polyester yarn. These proprietary materials deliver the highest standards of flame resistance, durability and thermal performance. For special applications, the offer extends to textiles with antibacterial or dis-infectable features. Furthermore, all Eco sunscreen fabrics are skin-safe and are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant. In order to ensure superior clean indoor air quality, TMG only uses textiles tested for harmful substances, free of pollutants, allergens and halogens.

Company Management:

Angelo Ghioldi – Partner
Mario Ghioldi – Partner