The Sunprotection Group is committed to sourcing the highest quality interior and exterior fabrics produced by the most respected weavers globally. We do not compromise quality. We decided to push the limits of technology and are developing more advanced, healthier shading systems. We are fully committed to the continuous improvement by selecting the best possible choice of materials that contribute substantially to buildings’ sustainability. We are committed to zero tolerance for substrate toxicity, providing improved Air Quality, Visual, Thermal and Acoustic Comfort, while always adhering to responsible manufacturing methods.


The health of a building is directly connected to the health of its occupants. The Sick Building Syndrome being the worst example of adverse health conditions associated with an inferior air quality of a workplace or residence. In contrast, our ecoTEX series offers a broad range of energy efficient, solution-based roller shade fabrics that far exceed the industry’s toxic substance standards. Our eco-certified textiles, made from 100% high tenacity polyester and Trevira C/S yarns, are the latest evolution in green fabric production, free of pollutants, allergens, halogens and other carcinogens.


Buildings are the largest consumers of energy. As the world needs effective solutions to reduce energy consumption, it became our mandate to provide high-performing sun control solutions. The result - our screenWeave series represents a broad range of sun protection fabrics made primarily with PVC. Ranging from the most common openness factors of 1%-5% with identical colour matching,screenWeave allows specifiers to effectively manage solar energy and privacy while maximizing daylighting.


The SPG BINDER SYSTEM includes 2 fabric series; ecoTEX (11 collections) and ScreenWeave (10 collections). Each collection contains up to 9 fabric swatches, a detailed description of each fabric’s attributes and characteristics, a FABRIC TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TABLE and FABRIC THERMAL AND VISUAL SPECIFICATIONS. Individual Fabric collection cards are available upon request.